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Are you an IT entrepreneur with a  great idea?

We are eager to help you with your proposition

We are interested in companies in 3 stages of growth


Your idea is on paper & you're preparing to launch


You’re in the air,
but still testing


You’re in the air and growing, but need help growing

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No hassle

People before technology

Fair business

Do you have what it takes?

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Our support throughout our whole partnership

A highly representative office

What is in it for you?

A complete team to support you

Purchasing advantage

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Our companies & CO's

Founded in 2000, PepperByte focuses on Microsoft, Citrix and VMware IT environments. Our IT specialists are passionate about their profession and keen on working towards a solution which fits our customers needs both technically, financially as well as strategically.





Founded in 2008, LoadGen focuses on

creating and selling software which helps organizations to get insight into their user experience. Either by running Load and Performance tests, End-to-End monitoring as well as Functional Automated testing.

Founded in 2015, the BlueParq guys love

automation and been big fans of Windows

PowerShell right from the start. They believe that automating with PowerShell should be easier, faster and more fun. That’s why BlueParq is making it possible to automate your admin tasks in PowerShell intuitively.





Roel Moonen

Has worked in various executive roles in the financial sector

for twenty years. In 2000 he started as an entrepreneur and worked as a program manager where he gained substantial experience in extensive IT transformation projects. He affiliated with PepperByte in 2015 as a shareholder and is responsible for the overall business operation as the CEO. Besides, he works on projects for clients on a regular basis.


Daniël Nikolic

Is fascinated by everything that has to do with technology. Daniel has a passion for cloud, virtualization and software development. Always wanted to set up a company where he would also like to work. Uses that starting point as a touchstone for every decision made within all of the companies. Always comes with an appropriate IT solution, which fits a client strategically, technically and financially.

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